Flea bitten gray, Selle Francais gelding, born in 2000. He stands 15.3hh.

Arrived at CARD in March 2018

Donated by Max Torokvei, Westhaven Farm.  Sponsored by The Osin Foundation

Peli’s full name is “Peligroso”, which makes us laugh, as it’s Spanish for “dangerous”–and sweet Peli is soooooo not like his name!  He is a big cuddle-bug and loves attention and care from his special friends.

Peli spent his younger days as a jumper, both in Ontario and in Europe!  Unfortunately, an injury meant a career change was in order, and after he was all healed up, he transitioned to the role of official horsey baby-sitter and go-to riding horse for farm visitors.

Peli’s varied life experience meant that he was totally ready for the variety of activities a CARD horse does in classes every week. Like Casey and Ronan before him, it was the saddest day of Peli’s life when he realized none of the arena props were edible… poor Peli!  He was delighted to find out that treats were part of learning all about the hydraulic block, and, ever the optimist, he checks the mounting deck thoroughly each time he visits in case a treat should randomly appear.

Peli has integrated into on the lead classes, with a focus on either younger riders or those working on their riding skills.  We foresee a strong niche in the sensory and sport classes due to his incredible rotational movement and his outstandingly kind and generous personality.

Outside, it took Peli a while to find his group.  He met a few of the paddock groups before finally settling in with Muskoka and Marshall. Paddock 3 is now a quartet of buff, sturdy and uber-handsome geldings, and well…. they know it!