How to Help

Help us fundraise online!

Set up a giving page on and invite your friends, family, colleagues, associates & community to join you in supporting CARD.

Fundraising pages can be set up to support a specific CARD event (such as CARDathon in the Park) or for general donations on your behalf.

CARD is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with disabilities through quality therapeutic riding programs. Join us! Your contribution will have a direct and positive impact on the future of a child or adult with disability.

Here are 4 ways you can help!

Donate. Make an online instant donation through Canada Helps. If you would prefer to contact us directly to discuss a donation, please call 416-667-8600 or email

Volunteer. If you or your children over the age of 13 would like to make a positive contribution, we need help in class, in our offices, at events, and in the barn. In addition to an incredibly rewarding opportunity, this will offer your children and excellent opportunity to learn the positive value of work and instill a sense of giving and community service that will last a lifetime.

Fundraise. Help us raise the monies we need to fund CARD’s therapeutic riding programs by hosting a fundraising dinner party, a garage sale, a toonie drive, a hockey tournament, golf tournament, bowling night, or other event in support of CARD. The only limit is your imagination!

Recommend CARD to your employer. Do you work for a corporation or organization that actively sponsors sporting events, “a-thons”, or other charitable activities? Do they have an employee gift matching program or a community giving program? Do they hold tournaments or events with the proceeds going to a charity of choice? Do they have product, gifts, or media to donate to a tremendously worthwhile cause? CARD is actively seeking corporate sponsors and partners to support events and program sessions, or to host third party events on CARD’s behalf.