New Riders

Thank you for your interest in the Community Association for Riders with Disabilities.

How do I become a CARD Client?

To participate in CARD’s therapeutic riding program, a rider must be at least 4 years of age and under 160 lbs (73 kg).

The process for acceptance into the CARD program is a two-step process involving the completion of the new rider application package and a program intake assessment, conducted on-site.

The process is as follows:

  • Complete and return the liability releases, consent, and supplemental survey forms.
  • Have your family physician complete and sign the Medical Referral Form.
  • Have your therapist complete the Therapist Input Form.
  • Please note that there is a $100, non-refundable fee for the Intake Assessment, payable in advance. Please also be aware that completion of the Intake Assessment does not guarantee acceptance into the CARD program.

For your convenience, the entire New Rider package is available for download using the links below. From there you can print the entire package or choose only the forms you need.

Return all completed forms to:

CARD New Rider Application
4777 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario, M3H 5T3

I submitted my application forms, what comes next?

Please be aware that there are several contraindications and precautions to participating in a therapeutic riding program and that the programs offered at CARD may not be suitable and/or beneficial to your specific situation.

Once your application is reviewed and you are deemed an appropriate candidate for one of CARD’s programs, you will be contacted by someone from CARD to book an Intake Assessment.  If you are not a suitable candidate, CARD will inform you as to the reason why.

After the Intake Assessment

Following the assessment, if it is deemed that the riding program at CARD is a suitable and safe form of therapy for you, you will be admitted to the CARD program. Class recommendations are provided based on your assessment outcomes.

If you are having difficulty downloading the forms, Click Here to request the package be emailed to you.

Alternately, you may call us at 416-667-8600 ext. 0 to request the package to be sent to you by regular mail.