CARD Instructors

CARD is fortunate to have many experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated volunteer instructors.

Each week these instructors, along with their assistants and the program volunteers, give countless hours to provide high quality therapy to the CARD riders. As you can see, many of the instructors have already achieved certification as therapeutic riding instructors. We believe in cross-training and multiple certification at CARD, and several instructors already hold multiple certification standings. CARD hosts CanTRA testing so instructors have the opportunity to upgrade their certifications.

We are proud to also list our up and coming instructors. These people have come up through the program volunteer ranks and are now mentoring under certified instructors to become certified and to conduct classes on their own. CARD works hard to have as many classes as possible conducted by volunteer instructors, in order to keep costs down for our riders. We couldn’t do it without the dedication and passion demonstrated by the people listed below and they are highly valued members of the CARD Team.

Elaine Brooks

PATH Master Instructor, CanTRA BI

Seana Waldon

PATH Advanced Instructor, EC Level I coach- English, CanTRA Coach

Amber Caterer-Walsh

PATH Registered Instructor, CanTRA BI

Nora Gurland

PATH Registered Instructor, CanTRA II

Julia Burke

PATH Registered Instructor, CanTRA II

Martha Lloyd-Smith

PATH Advanced Instructor, CanTRA BI

Sonia Koczekan

EC Level I coach- English, CanTRA Examiner, currently retired from full-time teaching and now filling in as needed

Patty Fleischman

PATH Registered Instructor

Michele Cimino

CanTRA BI, Candidate for CanTRA II

Bernadette Gatrell

Instructor Candidate for CanTRA II

Fran Bruno

Instructor Candidate for CanTRA II