ECHOage Donations

CARD is thrilled to be involved in a new partnership with ECHOage. ECHOage is an online birthday party service where kids get the gifts they want AND give to a charity.

Make your child’s next birthday one that he/she will remember.

It’s easy to get started. Simply go to the website. Pick out your online invitation, select CARD as your charity, add party details and gifts your child would like to receive, send the invite to your guests and you are done! It’s that easy.

ECHOage helps you manage and track gifts on line. After the party, ECHOage will split the money contributed by the guests: half is sent to your child to buy any gift they choose and the other half is donated to CARD.

ECHOage will even send you a reminder if your child’s birthday is later on this year. Simply create an event and you are on your way!

ECHOage is now virtual…. click here to see what’s new!!!!