Summer Camp & Program

We are very excited to be resuming services and dedicated to doing so in as safe a manner as possible. For safety, there are operational guidelines that we must follow, and we are continuing a phased-approach towards bringing riders back to the facility.

What does this mean for you?

Client Participation Guidelines:

  • We are currently serving clients needing little to no physical support while mounted
  • Clients who have not yet participated in class must be 6yrs of age to participate in the Summer Program this year.
  • Clients aged 4-6yrs, who have already ridden at CARD, will be considered on an individual basis
  • Masks are mandatory while in the facility and while riding
  • Clients are asked to wear a barrier-type glove if possible. Fabric gloves with rubberized palms/fingers (i.e. gardening gloves) are acceptable. If wearing gloves is not possible, clients will be required to sanitize their hands before mounting
  • Clients must purchase their own riding helmet, to minimize shared equipment

Class and Facility Amendments:

  • Class activities have been amended to eliminate shared contact points
  • Camp activities and/or locations have been amended to facilitate social distancing and reduce contact points
  • All persons entering the CARD facility will be required to complete a health survey before each visit
  • All persons within the facility are required to wear a mask that covers their nose, mouth and chin
  • Depending on facility capacity restrictions, clients in the one-hour classes may need to be dropped off at the door, OR only be accompanied by one person; we regret that siblings, friends and additional family members cannot be accommodated at this time
  • If facility capacity allows, the lounge will be set up for physically distanced seating, and people will need to abide by this set up
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